7 Green Gadgets You Should Be Using To Help The Environment

Users on UK.collected.reviews revealed that getting green gadgets is a way of saving our environment. Humans need to make a concerted effort towards a sustainable and healthy earth.

The gadgets we use affect our environment, choosing green gadgets will ensure we live earth better than we met it.

Here are 7 gadgets you should be using:

1. Eco-speakers

Eco-speakers are produced from 100{d487814b4317295d48993e98f9bc924628914d566c706d9b5c843992a4c6afd4} recycled materials and they do not require a battery to function. The main audio player powers the speaker. This speaker can be recycled when it expires to produce a new speaker or another gadget thereby sustaining the environment. If you choose the best energy network,  you will get guidance when buying your gadget.

2. Motorola Renew W233

This is made from 100{d487814b4317295d48993e98f9bc924628914d566c706d9b5c843992a4c6afd4} renewed material and as it is often said, just like coconut, every part of this phone is important. The parts can be recycled for use after the phone spoils or expires. This phone has solar panels embedded in it, which means it is powered by the sun.

3. Sony Bravia WE5 Eco TV

Bravia gives a quality image, you can find one between 40-46inches. You can help the environment while you enjoy your gadget,  this TV gives full HD 1080p images. It has a micro-tubular HCFL back-light which is embedded to reduce energy requirement by 50{d487814b4317295d48993e98f9bc924628914d566c706d9b5c843992a4c6afd4}. A Smart Presence Sensor is built into it that allows it to switch off automatically when no one is watching it.

4. Solar Bluetooth headset

This is a product of the Orange Telecom company and it is the first Solar powered Bluetooth headset in the world. This Bluetooth is wireless and it’s compatible with an iPhone, it has 200hours standby power and allows 9hours of continuous talk time.

5. RAEGR Arc 1350 wireless charger

This is a new product and it will show you a new way through which your device can be charged. RAEGR is an eco-friendly wireless charging mat, it can charge iPhone, Airpods, and Apple watch at the same time, if you have these devices, there is a need for you to get the charging mat.

6. Helios solar grill

This grill is powered by the sun and can be used to cook barbeque. Using wood and coal for cooking barbeque should be a thing of the past. This will prevent air pollution and sustain the environment.

7. Fully automated solar-powered lawn mower robot

This is also called Automower Solar Hybrid, and it is the world’s first solar-electric hybrid lawnmower. This mower mows for about 45mins after which it will get drained of power and being an autonomous robot, it goes to the charging socket to plug itself. You no longer need to spend time mowing the lawn.


We have a great role to play as humans towards a sustainable environment. You should think about getting one of these gadgets for yourself and contribute your quota. Besides, they are not costly, and are available. Quit using gadgets that are not helpful to our environment.