The LITE series is a manual vacuum forming machine with low cost and great possibilities. Today it is the undisputed world leader in terms of availability and technical performance in its segment. MACHINETIC has kept the basic technical aspects and provided exactly that set of basic options, which are necessary for manufacturing high quality parts by vacuum forming.

Manual vacuum forming machine

Model range

Today the range of models of LITE series includes 5 models:

  • LITE 686 (sheet 686*660 mm / depth 300 mm)
  • LITE 1366 (sheet 1372*660 mm / depth 300 mm)
  • LITE 1010 (sheet 1000*1000 mm / depth 350 mm)
  • LITE 1510 (sheet 1500*1000 mm / depth 350 mm)
  • LITE 2010 (sheet 2000*1000 mm / depth 420 mm)

Vacuum forming machineManual vacuum thermoforming machine LITE SERIES

Vacuum forming machine configuration

LITE series vacuum thermoforming machines have the next configuration:

‍LCD display with thermoforming machine settings

  • Industrial controller for controlling machine systems
  • Automatic vacuum and cooling control
  • 400 watt quartz heaters with optimal wavelength for rapid heating of the plastic
  • Powerful vacuum pump with deep vacuum and receiver
  • Smart valve system that controls the vacuum and can be adapted to your requirements
  • Pneumatic table drive with middle position and regulated lifting and lowering speed of the matrix
  • Metal forming table with threaded holes for mounting the forms
  • Electromechanical heating plate drive with soft start and soft stop (model LITE 1010/1510/2010)
  • Forms venting for easy removal of the product
  • Cooling fan with adjustable position in relation to product
  • Preparing the machine for mounting the reduction window and the smaller format clamping frame
  • Clamping frame has adjustable pressure intensity over the entire plane of contact with the plastic
  • Time-controlled pre-stretching of the plastic
  • Auto material level
  • Water mist for rapid material cooling

Video manual vacuum forming machine

Additional advantages of the vacuum forming machine

There are also a number of advantages that other budget segment vacuum forming machines do not have. For example:

‍Correct structure of the work units arrangement. Heating moves back without heating up the working area during the forming process

  • Powerful clamping frame that has adjustable clamping intensity as well as springing in the back to compensate for metal bending
  • Possibility to turn off or put to sleep the heaters in the back position to save energy consumption
  • Correct positioning of the heating zones from the center to the sides. This is necessary to establish a uniform heat pattern
  • Industrial mechanics on the heating platen and forming table
  • Industrial rotary vane pumps with deep vacuum and high reliability
  • Ergonomic and self-explanatory layout of the machine controls
  • High maintainability of equipment and only reliable engineering solutions
  • Powder coating and high quality of assembly
  • Monolithic construction, minimal transport dimensions
  • Reasonable price and short payback period

Request a quotation for a machine:

if you want to buy a manual vacuum forming machine LITE SERIES – you can sending a request to the MACHINETIC company.