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Money Judgment Collections

Judgment Collection - Judgment Recovery - Judgment Enforcement - Debt Collection Services

Are you tired of sitting on your money judgments waiting for collections? Maybe you donít have the knowledge or time to collect your money judgment. Judgment Collections can be a difficult task. At Pardun Collections we will attempt Judgment Enforcement through assignments. Even if your money judgment is several years old, it can still be collected in most circumstances. A money judgment last for several years and can be renewed in most circumstances. You donít even have to talk to the judgment debtor after you receive your money judgment against them. Once you have a money judgment, you can use the court system to collect your money. Here at Pardun Collections, we excel at collecting money judgments. For Judgment Collections / Judgment Recovery / Judgment Enforcement, we have different strategies to use depending on what type of judgment debtor that you have and what assets are available for enforcement. What questions might you ask yourself when collecting on a money judgment that are not under the normal circumstances? What if the judgment debtor left the state? Will I still be able to collect? If so, how? What can I do to force the judgment debtor to "show their assets"? If and when I find those assets, what will I have to do to "enforce" the judgment? There are so many scenarios and questions that can perturb a judgment creditor. Let Pardun Collections use our expertise in judgment collections / judgment recovery to secure your money. Judgment Collections / Judgment Recovery can be a time consuming process. Let Pardun Collections handle your Judgment Collections / Judgment Recovery. Time is of the essence...don't wait on your Judgment Collections / Judgment Recovery!

If you are interested in having Pardun perform Judgment Enforcement (Judgment Recovery), or just would like to speak with a representative regarding what Pardun can do for you, please click on this Judgment Recovery Form. You may also check our Contact Us page to see if we are available for a live chat regarding your Judgment Enforcement needs.

Other Common Types of Judgment Collection:

Unlawful Detainer Judgment Collection

Construction Contract Judgment Collection

Auto Accident Judgment Collection

Labor (Unpaid Wages) Judgment Collection

Small Claims Judgment Collection

If you need Debt Collections please see our Debt Collections / Past Due Accounts Page. Thank you.

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