What’s The Current State Of Machine Learning?

Machine learning as a matter is something that is highly looked after in companies who want to automate certain processes. There are a lot of applications which are, in fact, developed at the moment in order to reduce “the human factor”. Even if machine learning is still at its early stage in both development and applications, there are signals of the fact that this technology could be rising soon. Let’s analyse the current state of machine learning.

Web Development: Where Things Are In Motion

As stated by many, the web development industry (both from a front-end point of view and from a backend one) is the biggest sector in which ML is moving forward. There are several reasons why this applies: the biggest one will be related to the fact that organic traffic online gives a lot of inputs to these algorithms, especially when applied to e-Commerce. Generally speaking, though, the entire ML side of things, when it comes to web development, is related to native applications for CMS like Shopify and WordPress.

Warehousing Automation

Chinese company Alibaba was the first one in the world who fully automated their whole warehouse by using robots and automation processes. Even if this was completely experimental, these technologies were able to boost productivity by 70{24c7b824d6f87693e56995ec59ccf93203e3b71e822559c5ab22e8052f4c6476} in a couple of months. Warehouses, especially when applied to sort centres, are incredibly hard to manage, which is why full automation could be fairly delicate to implement.

How About Mobile?

When it comes to machine learning and deep learning, mobile is incredibly important. As said by many iOS app development and Android app development companies, machine learning is something that is heavily looked after by several top players such as Apple and Google. Why? Because it boosts user experience: imagine an app who automatically knows what you are looking for and processes your data and inputs accordingly.

The Future

Machine learning as a whole is something that heavily impacts businesses at the moment, especially on their investment side. There are proven tracks of startups who are pushing the boundaries of such algorithms, combining them with UX tools or with data gathering ones. Although the whole technology is still far from being an “industry standard” matter, we can easily say that the future will be heavily relying on this matter. For now, we just need to wait and see what the top players will do.