8 Ways To Care For Your Mobile Devices

Smartphones are incredibly delicate pieces of high-tech equipment that cost hundreds of Pound Sterlings, but you wouldn’t know it based on how many people treat them. You’re more likely to see someone with a scratched screen than someone with a brand-new handset.

However, it is worthwhile to look after your mobile. In the short term, you’ll spend less on maintenance and have more fun with it, and you’ll get more money for it when you upgrade! So, here are a few tips for keeping your mobile phone in tip-top shape.

·       Purchase a case

After buying any smartphone, one of the first items you can do is purchase a shell. Choose a case that suits your style and feels good in your hands. Bulky cases are not recommended for purchase. Purchase a case that is not only attractive but also provides the best protection against injury.

·       Cover your phone with a screen protector.

Another critical consideration for your smartphone is a screen protector. Scratch-resistant screen protectors will prevent your phone’s screen from being scratched. A built-in screen protector is often included with a case (e.g., OtterBox). Read Britainreviews.co.uk for more insights on the best screen protectors you can buy in the UK.

·       Keep an eye on the charger.

The typical lithium-ion battery lasts between 300 and 500 charge cycles, which means it loses power over time.

However, you can extend your battery’s life beyond that. According to Battery University, the 300–500 figure only applies if you charge your phone from 0 to 100 per cent, known as a ‘full discharge period.’ You will greatly extend your battery’s life by charging it in short bursts and holding it between 40 and 80 per cent charged.

When your phone reaches 100{5a203f5e89b24eccbb0b6eb9c82ad15b0afbc5b71bd54fc8d22f88ea9c831fdb}, you should unplug it because ‘trickle charges’ to keep it charged can wear down the battery.

·       Make sure you don’t drop your smartphone.

Accidents can occur at any time. So don’t be surprised if you drop your phone at some point throughout your life. You are secure as long as you have a case that is sturdy enough. It will help if you care not to drop your smartphone. If you have a full hand or are running late for work, it’s best to keep your phone in your bag or pocket. You should check out the mobile phone insurance list in the UK to be on the safer side.

·       Keep it dry and away from water.

 If you get a drop of water on your phone, be careful. Take care when drinking your tea or coffee. If it gets wet, remove the battery as soon as possible, clean it, and let it dry for an hour before reinstalling it.

·       Keep it tidy.

Keeping the screen of your iPhone/Android smartphone clean will make it look amazing. Clean your computer with a soft cloth now and then. Otherwise, there is a high risk of scratching, particularly on the computer, if you use tissue paper or something other than a soft cloth.

·       Could you keep it on you at all times?

Always have your phone with you. It’s better not to leave it in a store because someone could try to steal it and run away with it. If your computer is stolen, make sure to use FindMyIPhone or a similar feature/program. Users of Android devices may use Lookout to track down their stolen or missing devices.

·       Don’t brag about it

The more you flaunt your new gadget, the more likely someone will notice it and attempt to steal it. Even if you’re not worried about a robbery, it’s a good idea to keep your belongings hidden to stop someone from stealing them from you or demanding to see them and then losing them. If you care for your computer, keep it in your possession and only use it discreetly and in suitable settings.